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orchidForms 0.6.1 Alpha Released

Here's the download link:

orchidForms 0.6.1

The database schema is located in the file db.sql.

There is also a very generic manual in the root of the app.

Here's some of the default account login information:

Username: ofmadmin
Password: ofmadmin

Manager #1:
Username: ofmmanager1
Password: ofmmanager1
(The same goes for managers 1 - 5, just change the numbers at the end)

External User (for employment application access):
Username: ofmuser
Password: ofmuser

There are a few extra configuration variables at the bottom of the standard CI config.php file.

And here's what orchidForms does:

Currently orchidForms can handle two types of forms: Online Employment Applications and Routed Forms.

Online Employment Applications are available upon login by a user who is not a member of the Organization which publishes the app.

Routed Forms are available upon login by a user who IS a member of the Organization which publishes the app. A Routed Form would be any form that a staff member submits that has a lifecycle of approvals and / or denials. For example, a Request for Leave could be a routed form. Once the user submits that form, it is passed to the first "route" (to a Manager) for approval or denial. They can have an unlimited number of routing levels in this manner.

In this particular release I haven't set up the user account system to work with Routed Forms without the adLDAP integration. The LDAP integration allows a user to simply log in with their active directory username and password to gain access to the Routed Forms. I'll create the ability to have "local" user accounts in one of the upcoming releases.

Anyhow, please take a look at the user manual PDF file in the app root for more details on how the system works (or is supposed to work at least!).

And of course, your thoughts, comments, suggestions, criticisms, etc are all welcome!

orchidForms is now 0.6.1. I've updated the info in the above post to reflect the new download.

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