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MYSQL Error - How can I log the Query (not only _error_messge())

Hi Guys !

I am using active record for the query.

I was wondering if there is any way logging the query which resulted in an error.

Bother return to less information for the log. I need to know the exact query with the values, which caused a problem and I am struggling to log them.

This information is usually shown on screen when DB debugging is enabled.

hi Smile

i never try to log the erorr but usually i use echo $this->db->last_query(); every time i got my query wrong and fix it one by one Big Grin

Ah that's a nice trick.

That's exactly what I needed. Thanks Smile

You may have some use for:

This will append to the bottom of the page execution time, request array, DB queries, and session variables.

Thanks for the info. This was already enabled, but I just needed to log the query for error purposes later in live.

PS: I am a little confused with mysql errors. When a user is trying to log in and all the insert/update etc. commands are executed. Some of them might fail for what ever reason, should I show this as a fatal error with show_error() and terminate the application or should I just log the error, but that means checking the success of EVERY query. Is this practical ?

But then if lets say the session table wasn't updated properly or the user tables, this is a really major problem. Is it better to terminate the application in this instance ?

I am currently trying to implement some DB exception etc. and I am really confused how to do the design and when exactly to call what errors.

It might NOT be practical no but thats when you can use enable_profiler so you see right away if it failed or not.

Hi !

Yes, but once the site is live I have to disable the profiler. What if such an error occures during the live time.

I guess I have to check every select,update,insert,delete statement for errors...

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