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url routing .. any idea?

hi all
i am working in a project
my members profile url now is

and i want the url to be

any ideas??

Any other controllers in use except 'members'?

just members controller
function login
function view profile
function edit profile
function connect with twitter (still working on it)

If you don't want to use controller and method name in the URL, how are you going to access the other methods?

i will make only one method to login and other methods i will seprate it

so how can i make the url like this

[eluser]Myles Wakeham[/eluser]
Sounds like a simple case of a set of route entries in routes.php in your config folder to me. Just route the preferred incoming requests there, and change your HTML/links to reference the desired URLs, and it should just work.


can you give me an example?
i'm sorry for disturbing

[eluser]Myles Wakeham[/eluser]
[quote author="a7med.she7ata" date="1276982476"]can you give me an example?
i'm sorry for disturbing[/quote]


you go to application folder then config folder and you set the default_controller in routes file as memeber controller

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