Active Record - where_in AND or_like

Hello all,

i am trying to build a search query that includes a where_in clause to enable me to restrict searches to certain categories denoted by category_id's.

This is what my current model that performs the query looks like:
function fetchByCategory($category_ids,$search_query){
                return $query->result_array();
        } else {
                return FALSE;

A Query run by the above model looks like this:
SELECT * FROM (`items`) WHERE `category_id` IN ('7', '43') AND `id` LIKE '%TK%' OR `item_code` LIKE '%TK%'

First this all looks good, but the problem is that it will also return Items in this Case that have a item_code like %TK% even if it is not in Category 7 or 43. What id like is built a query that will return all Items whose ID or Item Code is like TK AND whose category_id is either 7 or 43.

I hope i describe my problem clear and someone can give me a suggestion on how to improve my Active Record Query.

Many thanks and best regards,

To alter the selection order of the where clause you need to use brackets:
SELECT * FROM (`items`) WHERE `category_id` IN ('7', '43') AND (`id` LIKE '%TK%' OR `item_code` LIKE '%TK%')

Search the forum, I posted an DB_active_rec.php extension that introduced a method to add brackets to an active record query...

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