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Page is loaded OK long before the browser thinks it's all loaded (= 5 sec later)

[eluser]Patrick Truyens[/eluser]
Both actually.

I test on both the internet-port and local (or at the moment using VPN for the local access.)

I've been discussing this issue with one of my business partners, a long time MS expert.

He said he'd seen this before, the issue might be that IIS never sends an RST at the end of the transmission, so the browser thinks there is more data coming. Depending on the browser you have to wait for the TCP session to timeout, which can be several minutes.

Can you check what your server timeout values (ConnectionTimeout, HeaderWaitTimeout, and MinFileBytesPerSec) are?

[eluser]Patrick Truyens[/eluser]
Can you check what your server timeout values (ConnectionTimeout, HeaderWaitTimeout, and MinFileBytesPerSec) are?

ConnectionTimeout = 120 seconds, HTTP Keep-Alives is enabled.
HeaderWaitTimeout and MinFileBytesPerSec: I suppose they have their standard values, as I don't know how to change them.

I tried already to disable the HTTP Keep-Alive, but no success.

My server? Sorry, no Windows in this here shoppe... Smile

As a test, try raising the connection timeout to 300 seconds, just to avoid the server killing the connection while the browser still waits for a packet. If it doesn't work, set it back to 120.

Another question: you mentioned that in your packet trace you noticed what looked like a HTTP header at the *end* of the page. Do you still have that trace available? If so, what was the exact header that was attached to the end of the page?

And one more: I assume you made the trace on the client? Any chance of making a similar trace on the server?

I get whispered in my ear that this can also be caused by a process on the server trying to do something, and fail. I've seen this happens once on a https site, where the server tried to contact verisign for certificate validation, but the connection was silently dropped by a firewall. The server had to wait for a timeout before continuing with the request.

[eluser]Patrick Truyens[/eluser]
I raised the connection timeout to 300 seconds, no success. I did not expect any difference neither, as the delay is "only" 5 seconds.

I am looking now in the direction of FastCGI settings or PHP.ini settings. In the PHP.ini settings, I disabled already "Output-buffering = 4096", but no success neither.

[eluser]Patrick Truyens[/eluser]

I noticed that I could not set the ini-file for FastCGI "WINDOWS\system32\inetsrv\fcgiext.ini"
(Watch for IIS7-users: this is only for IIS5 and IIS6 !!!)
This seemed not really normal as it should be there somewhere.

So, i installed the package from:
and followed their installation-instructions

now my page loads completely in 0.5 seconds, AND is "DONE" then, is does not wait for 5 more seconds te be "DONE".

Hey WanWizard, thanks A LOT for being so helpful!

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