What is better: Kohana or CI and why?

I now, that it can be a little bit stupid question, but I can not decide myself, what is better.

In other words:
Why I should use CI instead of Kohana?

Kohana is far less "industrial" than CI
Versioning is less efficient (you may have some release with a lot of architectural changes)
Documentation is far less precise
etc ...

Ajaxian64, what do you mean under 'Kohana is far less “industrial” than CI' ?

Due to the fact that when someone provides releases with such amount of changes (not bug but in the architecture of the framework) without a great documentation I think it will be very difficult to use it.
Or at least you will spend a lot of time and effort to understand.
It is he case with Kohana.
For myself I consider that someone who provide a framework should offer good level of doc + stable framework.
I had the same analyse between jQuery and Mootools.
I used Mootools but the widgets I created with one release of Mootools, do not work with the n+1 release.
With jQuery it was not the case, everything is stable (quite stable)
You can't base your development on something which is not stable.

This is a question that you can answer yourself .
Do you find enough info there for kohana in their user guide ? if it's enough for u, go with kohana .
Also, how is the forum for kohana ? if you get an answer fast and correct, then it's another reason to stick with kohana .
How kohana manages the relealses ? how it's the upgrade from 2.x to 3.x ? does it break something ? if not, another reason to go for it .
Do you have enough time to spend searching for solutions if you hit a brick wall ? or if u don't understand how kohana works ? If so, yet another reason to go for it .

My question to you though : Why are you searching, don't u have the answer already ?(hint, it's under your nose Wink )

I think you know answer. But you want hear that CI is better ? CI is good.

CI is better in some cases, and CI is not better in other.
Frameworks should suit to a specific problematic.
CI is very interesting for some kind of web applications and not very powerfull for some others.
You should also choose a framework for a specific work.
For instance Yii is better than CI for some things and CI better than Yii for others.
So saying that a framework is better than one another depends from the point of view, depends from your needs
My english is not very good but I hope you understand what I mean.

Try them both, it is the only way you will find out which suits you.

Saying that in effort to answer your question in the way you no doubt want, an overview of the positives of each:


- Larger community, that is rather more helpful towards those new to the framework / programming.
- Mature, stable platform with good backward compatibility.
- The best documentation (at least for the core).
- Probably has more user contributed classes, plugins, etc than Kohana.

Kohana (version 3)

- A better coded framework (helped by not needing to make compromises for PHP4 support).
- More built in features (proper module support, HMVC, official Auth, ORM, etc)
- Better performance.
- The community may be smaller, but is generally of a higher standard, (more experienced developers, less newbies), which is reflected in higher quality user contributed modules.

But as I said earlier try them both, most people in the poistion to choose, simply go for whichever framework they 'click' with.

I think CI syntax seemed more of a natural progression from just straight php to a framework. Kohana originally began as a fork from CI and was Blueflame at first. The projects seem quite a bit different now. However, I have never seen where Kohana has outperformed CI. Most benchmarks show CI to be one of the fastest.

Thank you all for you answers. I already know the answer when I was asking this question. In future I'll use CI for small simple Web-Apps and Yii for large Web-Apps. May be Kohana's code is simpler and clearer, but Kohana's documentation suxs. That's my decision. Am I wrong?

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