Problem with passing long arguments to controllers...

[eluser]Tim Skoch[/eluser]
I'm getting a HTTP 400 error whenever I submit an argument with more than 260 characters, like so:

Code: chars)...wxyz/

I've determined the following:

(1) It's not a server limitation; the same request works fine when I send it to a script NOT in CI.

(2) It's not a browser issue; I have the same problem with IE and FF.

(3) The limit seems to be EXACTLY 260 chars.

(4) It's not a matter of overall URL length; if I use TWO args:

Code: chars)...wxyz/abcd...(260 chars)...wxyz/

... it works so long as EACH argument is <= 260 chars. As soon as EITHER ONE is 261 or more chars long, it kicks an error back again.

Don't know what it could be. :-(

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