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escape_str in mysql

I have been looking for a similar bug, but I don't find it, so I decide to write a new one.
When I try to escape a string using escape_str function, I get incorrect results.
For example:
$query = $this->db->query('insert into table values (?, ?)', array('value1', 'value2 /\/\/\'));
The query result is:
insert into table values ('value1', 'value2 /\/\/\')
The error is in the last slash & quote.

The escape_str function is this:
function escape_str($str)    
  // Escape single quotes
  return str_replace("'", "''", $str);
Why do you do this way if exists the function mysql_escape_string?

Thanks for your time and sorry for my english

Sorry!! I was wrong when I talk about the code of escape_str in MySQL, it's mssql code, but I don't get a correct string escaped yet.

In the DB_driver.php, in the function compile_binds, when the char "?" is replaced by the bind, it removes the slashes "\".

I add this into my CI code:
$sql = preg_replace('#'.preg_quote($this->bind_marker, '#').'#', str_replace('\\', '\\\\',str_replace('$', '\$', $val)), $sql, 1);
line: 525

Is this ok?

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