Form validation - CI vs jQuery

Which method of form validation do you use and why?

I can see the pros and cons of both methods. I was wondering which is the more popular method.

I guess a mixture is my best guess, altough jquery isn't always involved. Client-side vs Server-side would have been a better choice.

I always validate server-side, no matter what fancy features are build into the form. Client-side validation can sometimes be functional, but I only do it if I can stay client-side. I don't do ajax calls for validation.

I always validate on server side, client side is convenience, but not trustworthy.

ONLY!!! server side. anything client-side can be easily faked.

Of course server side! jQuery fancy stuff can be eye candy, but this is not a real validation...

I'd say server side as a baseline, and use JQuery if you want to do some special user experience where it validates on the fly or something.

Validate on the users side so they user is quickly informed if they have wrong/missing information.
Validate on the server side because you can't trust the user not to send you invalid data.

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