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base_url() for everything?

Hi there,

I'm developing with CI and I've the next problem:

I'm migrating some views from an old project to CI, and this views have relative routes to css, js and img.
So, if I keep this routes (relative to index file in CI root directory) it only works on index entry of every controller...

I mean, if I do something like www.example.com/example, the index function of the example controller loads the view and it works fine, but if I do www.example.com/example/view/1, the same view is loaded, but now relative routes are not found (css, js, img,...).

I've fixed it using base_url() with every link, but, it's necessary to do this with every route?

I hope I've been clear...

Thanks in advance !

EDIT: Anyway, with the way I've solved it I still have problems with the images linked in the js files... any solution..?

root -
- assets
- css
- img
- js

Search forums for asset and wiki.


Thanks, that's a good solution, but finally I've used base_url() everywere...

For js files, I've a js named settings.js with just this parameter:

var settings = { 'base_url' : 'www.example.com'};

And I use this javascript "base_url" to do the same that CI base_url() function.

<!-- set javascript base_url -->
    base_url = '<?php echo base_url();?>';


I tend use a base href in the head of my views like so (just under the title tag)

<base href="<?php echo base_url(); ?>" />

The plus about this is that it will append your base url to the front of everything without a http or www on it. So if you have a link with just example set as it's href, the base href will turn it into baseurl/example instead.

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