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CI 2.0 -> Active record -> Replacing blank with 0?

I don't think I am being stupid here.

Here is my code.

$db = array (
    'content' => $this->ci->input->post('content'),
    'seo_keywords' => $this->ci->input->post('seo_keywords'),
    'seo_description' => $this->ci->input->post('seo_description'),
    'seo_title' => $this->ci->input->post('seo_title'),

foreach($db as $field => $value) {
    echo $value . '<br />';
    $this->ci->db->where('name', $field)->where('page_id', $page->id)->set('value', $value)->update('page_fields');
    echo $this->ci->db->last_query() . '<br />';

Only the content field has any input in it. This creates the following output.

UPDATE `page_fields` SET `value` = 'Test' WHERE `name` = 'content' AND `page_id` = '1'

UPDATE `page_fields` SET `value` = 0 WHERE `name` = 'seo_keywords' AND `page_id` = '1'

UPDATE `page_fields` SET `value` = 0 WHERE `name` = 'seo_description' AND `page_id` = '1'

UPDATE `page_fields` SET `value` = 0 WHERE `name` = 'seo_title' AND `page_id` = '1'

Surely this should be `value` = ''?


If a field is not defined in the $_POST array, $this->input->post() returns FALSE. You then feed this value without validation into active record, where an implicit type conversion happens, since it isn't able to deal with booleans. So FALSE becomes 0.

Whoops, yeah sorry my mad. I would have thought that echo would have printed out 0 instead of nothing. I think that is what through me the most.

Use var_dump() instead of echo, that way you avoid little issues like this... Wink

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