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Firebird Driver Finally!!

Not worked... I reload my session class to UPPERCASE (array, db row). My field user_data anything is null. My value LOGGED do not write on database, but if i disable DB it's ALL right!

[quote author="Carlos G" date="1339716197"][quote author="kichik" date="1339479008"]This driver does not work with session on CI 2.1.0. User_data field on database everytime after refresh page cleared. Sorry for my bad english[/quote]

if you are trying to use these driver with sessions managed in the database, you will have to overload your session class, because remember that firebird always returns the field names in UPPERCASE, and the session manager of codeigniter manage the fields for sessions in lowercase

i haven't tried it, but i think that could work


Hi, thanks a lot for this driver. Good work!

This week, I upgraded a server from Ubuntu 10.04.x to 14.04.1, which comes with PHP 5.5.9 and my CI applications using Firebird stopped working. I just get white screens.

I've notticed that there's a new version of firebird_driver.php, from about 6 months ago (I was using your code from 2011). Thanks! But I get the same result.

I installed a fresh virtual machine with Ubuntu 14.04.1 and got the same response, so I now know the problem is not because something got broken in my configurations during the upgrade.

Then I installed my CI applications in another server, running Ubuntu 12.04.5 with PHP 5.3.10; I installed the php5-interbase extension and everything works OK.

So I think the problem is with the driver.

Commenting the connection to Firebird in /config/database.php or replacing the code in /database/drivers/firebird/firebird_driver.php with gibberish or just plain HMTL I get some response from my applications.

¿Is there some new way I should activate the intebrase extension in PHP 5.5.9, under Apache 2.4?

¿Do you know if something has changed in the way PHP 5.5 manages the interbase extension? ¿Something was deprecated?

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