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CMS Page auto-saving and revision storage

Hi Gang,

I want to add page auto-saving and revision storage to my home-rolled CI CMS and was curious what some of your "process overview" thoughts would be before I reinvent the wheel and it turns into a square.

Enough of us here make our own CMS's so I'll bet several of you have a method you'd be willing to share.


I am interested in this as well. One idea that I have is to keep a different table for all the revisions and clean it up according to some rules.. like only store last X edits etc..

but i am definitely looking for a better solution than that..

I store "content blocks" in a multiple root nested sets table.

The root ID is the block id, the children are the different revisions. It has publishing date information, and publishing state information (p.e. approvals).
To determine which block (if any) to display, I fetch the first child, check the state, and if that revision can't be published, loop through the next children to find one.

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