User Guide 1.5.3 in PDF Format

Hello everyone,

I am new to Code Igniter and let me just say it looks fantastic. One thing I do like to do when I get started with a new technology is print out the user guide and go through it and highlight important sections, or take notes. I noticed that there was no PDF format for CodeIgnitor's User Guide so I began the daunting task of converting the web-based guide into PDF format. Please keep in mind this is actually the first PDF I have ever created. Anyway - It worked out well for me and I would like to post it here for anybody that needs a PDF copy of the CodeIgnitor's User Guide.

1. The PDF format contains the same information that was in my CodeIgnitor Download (10/17/07) "user_guide" folder. (version 1.5.3)
2. I removed the javascript TOC menu and search box from all pages.
3. All navigation should be done through the Bookmark's section. If this is not the correct format someone with more knowledge of making PDF's could hopefully fix this easily.

To the Code Ignitor Team:
If there is any problem with my distributing this information just delete my post and let me know. My goal is to help anyone else who needed a PDF version of your user guide.

Without further ado - here is the download:

Download User Guide: user_guide.pdf (2.14 MB)

Hope this helps some people,


[eluser]Sally D[/eluser]
thank you I am enjoying your work

really this is great hey how did you do it. Did you use php?

great work. only one thing to say

you can use break-pages... some codes look strange in the bottom of page

@Ruby CI - Thank you. I simply used Adobe Acrobate 8.0 Professional Smile

@ELRafael - I noticed this as well. I will go over it this weekend and through some page breaks in there... thanks for the heads up.

You will also notice that the example code in the boxes is missing (For example under General Topics -> Controllers -> Functions was the first one I came accross). I dunno what is up with that. Anybody with suggestions feel free to chime in Smile

This exactly what I needed. I always like to print PDF manuals off for quick offline reference.

Many thanks.

Thanks for that, will come in useful.

Ahh this is really nice, maybe i should create a .chm one mainly because im a huge .chm fan. Smile

Really thanks!
Congrats by the initiative.

Thanks it's helped me loads!

Also its great for taking away on my ipod touch Big Grin

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