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How to see the session encryption in CI

hello friends,

How do we check the the session encryption once we set it's value and and enable it in config ?

View the cookie in the browser.

If it looks like a long string of random giberish, it's encrypted. If not, you can read the information stored in the cookie.

it must appears like http://localhost/welcome/sdfwe675g$%??

i can't see after url or is there a way to echo it ?

It is not a URL, it is a cookie.

If your browser doesn't have a default option to view received cookies, you might have to install a plugin to do so. IE has it in the tools menu, for Firefox use the WebDeveloper toolbar.

You can also view the HTTP headers (that how cookies are sent to the browser), or var_dump the $_SERVER array in your code (which contains the received cookie).

ok, how does that jibberish url happens after last segment ? i am just curious. I have seen one of my friend doing that in his application.

Guess you have to ask your friend.

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