What is CodeIgniter?

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Just kidding. Actually CI is not that bad for small applications too.[/quote]
Yeah.. And small projects tend to get bigger at later time and then you thank yourself for using CI Smile

Codeigniter is a PHP framework that acts the least like a framework, but just as powerful. Think of it as a massive collection of functions you can use without having to write your own code from scratch which will be riddled with issues if you don't cover all of your bases.

To put it simply: Codeigniter is a PHP framework.

Take a look at some of the "Built on CodeIgniter" sites for some excellent examples.
CodeIgniter saves Googling for example scripts on how to do a tremendous amount of common tasks such as database MySQl, email, image manipulation. Nearly everything is available and rest assured that the code is secure.
If you cannot find a solution to your task, take a look at the CodeIgniter Wiki.

Hi, I'm a complete novice with regards to this so was looking for some advice. I've been asked to make some amendments to a website (I mainly work with .net and c# but know a bit about php and content management in general). Looking at it its been done with codeigniter but I have no idea how to make amendments etc. Do I dive in a start hacking around the code or is there some kind of interface/gui (and where would this generally be accessed from)? The website is running off a mySQL database by the looks of the config files I've found. Can I edit website content stored in the mySQL database via codeigniter?

Even simple stuff like updating a template for example, I'm kinda at a loss with at the moment.

I've downloaded the "System" folder off the webserver so I have a local copy. This includes an "application" folder and "codeigniter" folder amongst others. Is this all I need to get started? I presuming this includes all the codeigniter software and amended code for the website I'm trying to amend (i.e. downloading codeigniter off codeigniter.com would effectively be giving me a blank website/framework, like dot net nuke perhaps?)

Sorry these questions probably sound a bit dumb and seem to be beneath even the Wiki and help files so was hoping this forum could shed some light. Any help would be massively appreciated. Thanks.

Its ok, I have sussed out what I need by myself. Thanks

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