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Image upload - temp dir not found?

Hi there.

I am uploading an image to my server. Everything works smoothly, until i decide to upload a big file (2+ mb). This gives me the really weird error from image_lib, something like this:

./tmp/ not found.

This obviously happened because of my max_upload_size variable, and i fix the problem by upping this limit from 2M to 4M in my php.ini. Okay, the big file uploads.

And then after a few hours i receive this error message again, this time with tiny 1.62mb image. My code is unchanged, and other smaller pictures are uploading correctly.

So, my two questions:
1. Isn't this "temp dir not found" message somewhat vague? I have a feeling that it says "Error! Go figure out what really happened by urself, lol".
2. What the heck is actually happening, lol?

Ah, i see. This time the problem was (most likely) caused by the dimensions of the picture (~4500x3000px). I resized it to 3000x2000, and the upload was successful.

Can somebody explain to me, is this behavior related to image_lib? I think so, because i did some image manipulting tasks with such huge pics on the same server before without CI, on bare PHP.

And the image_lib error messages do really need a punch in the head.

ps. don't ask why i am dealing with these pictures with the web server and not the photoshop =/

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