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Modular Extensions - HMVC version 5.4

Modular Extensions - HMVC version 5.4 is available from Bitbucket. (see my signature below)

CodeIgniter version 1.7 is no longer supported.

Just updated a project of mine to ci 2.0 official and HMVC 5.4, and wanted to thank you for the excellent work
you made with hmvc Smile

Thanks again wiredesignz. Your extensions has helped a lot.

Thank you ver much, wiredesignz...


Hey wiredesignz,

Thanks, fantastic. One quick point - it seems I can not use the get_instance() funtion in a library when the controller has inherited from MX_Controller. Any plans to change this? Or should I be finding a workaround for each of my libraries?

(I raised this in an earlier post, http://ellislab.com/forums/viewthread/179478/)

Much appreciated,


With HMVC you need to pass into or set the controller instance for the library before using it.
$this->form_validation->CI =& $this;

/* or */

$this->load->library('form_validation', array('CI' => $this));
And then process the parameters inside the library constructor yourself.


[eluser]Lucas Alves[/eluser]
Thanks, wiredesignz.

I have a doubt: Can I load a config file from a module using application/config/autoload.php $autoload?

Hi wiredesignz,

Another quick point. When I'm not using HMVC, I can access controller properties in a view using $this->variable. As soon as MY_Controller inherits from MX_Controller, however, the property is no longer available.

I've been reading up on the CI object hierarchy, including this article by David Upton, http://www.packtpub.com/article/codeigniter-and-objects, but I'm having difficulty understanding how this changes when we use HMVC...

Any assistance appreciated..., Kim

most useful and very much appreciated!

thanks, wiredesignz!

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