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Reactor Engineers

[eluser]Phil Sturgeon[/eluser]
Nobody "convinced these “engineers” to work for them for free. EllisLab openly offered the positions to anyone willing to apply. We applied and we got it.

Why did we apply? I can't speak for the others but mine was simple. I work with CodeIgniter every single day. My day job requires it and some of my side jobs require it. When I spot a bug and fix it I want that bug to go into CodeIgniter instantly, not mill about in some bug tracker for months hoping somebody else can recreate it. (No offense to EllisLab there, it happens to every project).

None of us said we want to spend hours and hours re-developing the entire framework just for the sake of it, and why should we?

So far i am hearing two main complaints about Reactor:

1. We will change everything.
2. We aren't doing enough work.

Well which is it? Do you want loads of work done or do you want it to slowly improve over time as and when a developer has a real use for the feature?

Working on features for the sake of working on features is a mugs game and leads to instability and a messed up framework. If you have changes you genuinely use and think would be useful then go ahead and contribute them. It is not important who they are contributed by as long as they are useful, in keeping with CodeIgniter's philosophy and documented.

[quote author="Phil Sturgeon" date="1297740394"]
Well which is it? Do you want loads of work done or do you want it to slowly improve over time as and when a developer has a real use for the feature?

Anybody who has even the slightest presence in the eyes of the public is going to get opinions from both sides of the fence. Don't become so vested in it all - just do what you do and move along.

[eluser]Phil Sturgeon[/eluser]
I just like people to be clear on the reasoning behind these things. People sulk and complain, argue and fight but at the end of the day I just want people to get together and write good code that get's the job done. That's what we all want right?

With so many threads about Reactor being negative - based on the opinions of only about 3-4 individuals - it is having the effect of putting off other people who know less about the community.

In the end the point is there: If you want to use Reactor: great. If you have some code, send it over. If you don't want to use Reactor then don't. No reason for people to get up in arms about it all.

[eluser]Dan Horrigan[/eluser]
Just going to point out that a change that almost every single developer wanted was one of the first things to go into reactor: Full Query String ($_GET) support.

Not trying to start any wars, just saying...

@Phil Sturgeon, You are the only person that I have seen sulk and pout about anything. (Go and tweet about that buddy)

@Dan Horrigan, Correct, most developers wanted query strings activated by default. Thats all well and good, but you and I both know that query strings have been available in CodeIgniter since version 1.6

I still have not seen one discussion on improving CI's extensibility.

Community driven framework? All i'm seeing is community fighting........ I dropping this framework ugh!

As usual the people with the least understanding of what is happening troll the most and offer nothing. Why do they bother?

[eluser]Elliot Haughin[/eluser]
wiredesignz, I usually stay out of things like this. But, it's about time I said something.

I wrote a blog-post yesterday explaining how confusing the current versioning can be for some users. I didn't slag off the developers, I didn't doubt their coding abilities, in-fact I praised it, and mentioned that I trust and like the code they're writing. All I did was demonstrate the current confusion based on the masses of email I receive each week.

I've not received any complaints from the reactor developers. They haven't bitched about me (to my knowledge), because they know (at least I hope the do) that my motivations are always to help the framework progress. To be simpler to use, work with, and better for everyone.

There's nothing wrong with highlighting issues surrounding the development path of the reactor, or problems you see with it.

But you don't do it in the way that you have. Simply coming on the forums and blasting the reactor developers for not doing what you want doesn't help anyone. If you want to have your say, then do it right.

Write a decent blog post explaining your views with examples, evidence, and an open place to discuss it. Even if you have valid points, people won't listen to them if you present them like a child having a tantrum.

If you have a problem with something specifically, have an adult discussion about what's wrong, come up with some ideas of how to improve things, help the community progress instead of simply bitching.

Sure, we can all have a brag about how long we've been using CodeIgniter and when we joined the community, and how much we've contributed... I don't give a crap how long people have been using this framework, or what they've contributed. What I care about is what they're doing now to help the framework and community progress.

This isn't a dick measuring competition. So stop pulling the whole 'I was here since windows 3.1' bullshit and do something constructive. Just because you joined in 2007 doesn't make your points any more valid than anyone else's.

[eluser]Brad K Morse[/eluser]
Just wanted to pipe in with a thanks to Dan, Phil and Elliot, I utilize libraries you've written and I am extremely thankful, and extremely grateful for this framework. All others can use other frameworks.

I think one thing is for sure with all of this: the level of passion that people have for this framework is outstanding! And it's deserved. Codeigniter (Reactor) is a great framework and we all want to see it do well and carry on.

I think we should all remember though, that the Reactor branch was announced on December 2nd and was available on bitbucket shortly after that. Right? It's been what, 2 months and some?

We all just need to relax a little bit. This loaf needs a little bit more time than that to bake. And by calling Reactor a loaf I DON'T mean it in a negative way.

The doors just opened on this. It'll get there and I'm sure and everyone with the ideas and the passion to build on it will, no doubt, get to contribute.


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