Why are frameworks documentation so poor?

I remember a few years ago I was a total n00b (as opposed to just the normal n00b I am now) trying to learn some JavaScript libraries. I had to work so hard to fiddle with it the right way. I eventually gave up.

Today things are better, but not perfect. I hadn't touched CI until last night. So far so good. Though there is a lot of out of date stuff with regards to the now 2.0. Maybe that'll come in time. Do we need more volunteers to write? Maybe they should hire some folks Smile

A quick example I just ran into...


has a section dedicated to removing the index.php from the URI - great! After a little tweaking, which I'm not actually sure how I resolved I got it sort of working....

... but all my links still have index.php in them...

After a while of googling, reading, and grinding teeth I come upon this in config.php:
Quote:If you are using mod_rewrite to remove the page set this variable so that it is blank.

Now, I don't know about you... but I think that quote deserves a place in the user guide section dedicated to removing index.php.

We have a section titled Removing the index.php file and then some other instructions, basically a 2nd step to complete the process. Why aren't they together in the same place!?

In summary, whoever is in charge of these things: Please add the quote text to the page above. If no one is in charge of these things, I'll be happy to do it if someone tells me how. All it needs is a quick " and then change the default index page in your config.php file."


Create a fork at BitBucket for any document changes. They are trying to create a better system for this, but for now that will work. If you want to help with the documentation, go for it! The engineers are stretched pretty thin as is and none of them are paid for it. We're all volunteers here. (That's from the Jooomla CMS by the way. Got to give them credit for that line.)

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