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Class 'Controller' not found

Hi Guys, just following the first tutorial video and I'm stuck actually on the very first piece of code.

I have downloaded Code Ingiter 2.0.1, and put the folder CI into my webroot folder public_html.

I have created a new php file site.php with the following code in it under the applications/controllers folder.
I have also tried using
class site extends CI_Controller.


class site extends Controller{

    function index(){

        echo "hello world!";


I receive the following message when accessing via localhost/ci/index.php/site

Quote:Fatal error: Class 'Controller' not found in C:\public_html\CI\application\controllers\site.php on line 3

Any ideas? I read in another post regarding the AddType and I have added the following line to the httpd.conf in the Apache folder:
AddType application/x-httpd-php .php .phtml .php3 .html
and my directory and document root is set to c:/public_html.

Any help would be appreciated.


hey,if you ever get an answer for that,i d like to know because i got the same message.I recently started learning PHP and i m following tutorials and now i m stuck.i m doing everything the guy is doing in the tutorial.

Guys, the tutorial videos are out-of-date and not compatible with CI 2.0. You need to prefix your controller and model extensions with "CI_", e.g.

class Home extends CI_Controller {

For AddType you can place it in your .htaccess file.
And the above AddType is incorrect!
Correct way there are two.
// 1
AddHandler x-httpd-php5 .php .htm .html

// 2
AddHandler php5-script .php .htm .html


Also remmember, classes always start with capital, so

class site extends Controller{
rigth wway is
class Site extends Controller{

I have done the above suggestions, I have now added

Quote:AddHandler x-httpd-php5 .php .htm .html

to the .htaccess file in ci/applications and changed the class to a capital and using CI_Controller now
but now when i type localhost/ci/index.php/site I receive the following error:

The requested URL /ci/index.php/site was not found on this server.

Upon going to the index.php page, I now see the actual code contained within that file in my browser...

Would it just be better me downloading the older version of CodeIgniter?

[quote author="strike312" date="1300754744"]I have done the above suggestions, I have now added

Quote:AddHandler x-httpd-php5 .php .htm .html

InsiteFX should have asked for your PHP version first before suggesting that. This line will only work for PHP 5. You might have PHP 4 on your web server, which will cause your code to display as plain-text. Remove that line and see if it works again.

If he goes into his control panel it will show which version of PHP it is running!

Also he can run phpinfo


that s something else, I m actually happy that everytime i followed i a tutorial in the past i would get error messages.I just got back to my php books and I should ve done that before.Reading the differences between php 4 and 5 and then work with a framework. I hear a lot of newbies like myself complaining about tutorials not being accurate and bla bla bla. when you don t understand what you're cutting and pasting means,its not a good sign.so for
newbies out here ,i want to suggest you this free book that i just found and read the part where it talks about php5 OOP.just a suggestion.the book is called: PHP5 power programming IT S FREE!!!!!!

Also you will need to change your application/config/routes.php default controllor to site.


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