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[eluser]CI Lee[/eluser]
A Lunar Mounted Earth Transmogrifrier with Earth Shattering Kaboom!" written is CI and made open source would probably go a long way in generating CI buzz... err Kaboom!


May I point out that other frameworks like Symfony has an automated CMS system, not that I'm applauding their approach, still they have no problem telling people we are a framework.

Although, I did spot a community CMS in the CakePHP community that looks very cool, that's all I'm asking a similar push from this community.

Nothing against Wordpress, and we are not asking to reinvent the wheel, after all CI is all about ease of development, but a good CMS based on CI can show a lot of developers what not to do on any development.

So come up with a doc.google that outlines the major functionality that you would like to see. That is the first step to any project, other than procrastinating of course. Smile

With a cms you probably are going to use some sort of authentication and there are a few libraries for CI or would it be authentication library independent or will it have an own authentication?
People that already use one of the libraries should be able to keep using it if they add the cms so i think you would have to create some sort of authentication driver which has to include the existing libraries and where other authentication libraries could be added easy.

I think a core cms can be done fast but it should be easy to extend. I don't think a full cms will not appeal to the CI developers.

That are two things i think would make a community cms popular.

I am looking for a flexible CMS for a website I am working on. I have built a website using WordPress and it is a very good technology, however it can be awkward adding custom functionality to it. I have been looking at alternatives such as Expression Engine. Can anyone answer a few questions? Like CI can you add your own custom classes? Can you create your own content types? I will download it now and have a play, any help would be greatly appreciated!

[eluser]Sarfaraz Momin[/eluser]
I am not able to understand the point of this discussion. CI helps you to make things easy and fast and if thats not all now people expect a CMS made with it. Come on guys !!! lets be realistic. A community CMS would surely help but after all everyone needs a CMS which is upto their needs. Let me give you an example. I am a sole developer of one of the oldest and fastest growing gaming website. I had a CMS made without any Framework which use to generate static HTML pages without any PHP code running in the frontend. Over the period of time we understood the shortcoming of such structure and we felt the need to rewrite for the frontend to work dynamically as well maintaining the URLs already done for SEO. I found Rails and its just fantastic ( to let you know I am doing a project in it)and started searching for something similar in PHP since at that point I was short of time to learn something new. I found CakePHP which I felt was equally cool but it took me a day to get started with it. It is just too complicated for someone new to frameworks. The search went on and I landed here at CI. I googled for comparisons and found that CI has less footprints and started developing in it. The user guide is cool so it took me 4 days to rewrite the complete site with CI which took me 3 - 4 week when i did the last CMS.

The moral of the story : When its so easy to develop with CI why do you expect something readymade.

I hope I did not hurt anyone's sentiments here. Well the other news is I have started working on IgnitedCMS which will be an open source CMS for media based sites including videos, Pictures, Games Etc. Any suggestions, help and advice is welcomed.


It takes years to become good at PHP, CI is best used by people who already know PHP well, have been using it for a long time. With RoR it can do a couple things easily so you think its the greatest thing since sliced bread, but in reality it is not.

No matter how good a framework is, you need the learn the language and become a professional at it. Ruby sucks. I recommend becoming an expert at PHP, Python and some Perl.

Even the best CMS or framework can't be the right tool 100% of the time. It can only provide general tools that an expert programmer customizes to work for the site. CI already provides a good set of tools for people to start working with.

In reality many of the tools (wiki, forums, user admin, photo galleries) that would make a CMS good have already been written by EllisLabs and are sold as ExpressionEngine. And such a project would never be officially supported by this website because it would be a direct competition for their main product. Which means that we would never see the CMS make it into the core SVN, it would have to exist outside codeigniter.com.

I would like to see Ellis Open Source EE and move into the business of selling support, also charging developers a yearly fee to be an authorized EE representative.

[eluser]CI Lee[/eluser]
EE when released on the CI framework is fine by me.

I like paying for it up front, that way I know they will keep developing it.
Therefore keeping DA well stocked in robot oil...


However if there is a large enough community they don't need to pay people to develop it, they just need to pay people to support it.

A couple of things...

Elliot Haughin started a project earlier on CiForge called CodeIgnition CMS. The url is here.

Felice Ostuni (felix from the Rapyd project) is working on a CMS based on Rapyd.

The Modular Separation extensions provide a module like file system similar to Postnuke modules or Joomla components. Adding support to these extensions to add separate directories for storing blocks and templates is fairly easy (four lines of code). Modular Separation and Coolfactor's proposed View library work well together to handle module views, block views (partials), and templates. Modular Separation modules can also call methods in other modules or other controllers within the same module. The combination of Modular Separation and the proposed View library would make a good set of extensions for building a CMS. Individual developers could build separate modules independently if someone wanted to organize a group to build a CMS.

However, most applications need a basic foundation of modules to handle routine operations such as email, user authentication, user authorization, internationalization, etc. A basic set of modules of this nature could be reused for many applications other than a CMS.

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