Cart Library Reject any "bad" Character

Hi. I have been frustated for an hour maybe because this bug.

I am building online shop website now, and you know, when I was testing it, I used 2 products for example..

The first product name was "Product 1" and the second was "Product #2"

and what happen if I add to cart?
"Product 1" will be inserted to the cart while in the other hand "product #2" will be never inserted to the cart..

can someone fix this problem? I have searched at google and no answer. There is 1 thread I have found, but no solution anyway.
this is the thread ""

if there is no solution, I affraid that my client can not use "bad" character in inserting the product name

As the post you referenced suggest, you can modify the cart class to your needs. It is system/library/cart.php. Modify line 31 (at least in my version) to add a pound sign.

var $product_name_rules    = '\.\:\-_ a-z0-9#';

Hi oppenheimer, thanks.. this solution is very good Big Grin

Never modify a file in /system. It will be overwritten the next time you update CI. Instead you should extend the library in /application/libraries/cart.php. See the "Extending Native Libraries" section in the Guide if you don't know what I'm talking about.

Alternatively, just do
$this->cart->product_name_rules = '\.\:\-_ a-z0-9';

But walmeisters suggestion is the preferred way.

both waldmeister and wanwizard solutions are excellent I think. but in this case I will use from wanwizard, it is quite simple. But in certain case, waldmeister solution was a good one.
Very thanks to all for the solutions Smile

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