YQL for CodeIgniter?

I've been coding up a prototype CMS using CodeIgniter and MySQL and by accident I read the net.tut tutorial on how to create a web service using YQL and watched this video on the YDN about YQL

My project is meant to be a CMS for MySQL db backend where the data would be exposed to an iPhone app via a RESTful API controller that outputs in JSON.

Yes, its a lot of work and I'm getting quite far, but the video makes a lot of references to things I'm having problems with such as interface issues, etc and I'm playing with the idea of using YUI components to do the whole interface; and in this way I reduce the amount of load on myself to fix common problems in making apps, data, etc.

In addition, because the data is meant to be exposed via a RESTful API controller in JSON I'm thinking about making the data available as a community or private web service.

I feel CodeIgniter would act as the engine between YUI and the YQL/web service/community data.

Right now I'm completely new to YUI let alone to YQL and would need to learn a lot.

However, before I get to that stage I'm wanting to know if anyone on CodeIgniter has done anything with YUI/YQL and what their experience was; and if there are any tutorials, plugins, etc.

I did some searching on Google and in the Forum but found quite little on the subject.

Anyway, if anyone has used YQL/YUI and CodeIgniter together to deliver an app, please let me know.


I've decided against using YQL for the moment, mainly because I wasn't sure who owned the data once I created/made/published it to Yahoo. In addition, I wanted to concentrate on getting my prototype working and get some funding in before going off on tangents.

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