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Core vs Reactor uri_string

Vanilla installations from bitbucket

same configs for both core and reactor
$config['base_url']    = 'http://ci.gr.local/';
$config['index_page'] = '';

URL to test

//Core returns
$URI->uri_string == '/welcome'
//Reactor returns
$URI->uri_string == 'welcome'

PS :in core version in system/core/URI.php at end of set_uri_string()
if ($parsed_uri != '')
   $parsed_uri = '/'.$parsed_uri;
return $parsed_uri;

Shouldn't both frameworks return the same?

No, The Reactor version is being updated all the time where as the Core version is not!


I thought reactor was the main development branch and when things get stable core is updated, isn't that so?
And I am not talking about new things but about the same function.

Or does the core "selectively" gets upgrades from reactor?

And as you have already read (as a not miss a day memeber) this caused problems with a wide used library.
Are you saying that a wide used library should be used only in core or reactor?
Or that there should be two!! copies of the library, one for core and one for reactor?????

Soz to ask InsiteFX, but are you in the development team to answer such a question like this?

No but its a proven fact that that Core is more stable then the Reactor! I do not use the Reactor I use only the core
because EllisLabs has control over the Core. Also I have no problems at all with the Core version 2.0.1.

If you want a stright answer by asking me if I am in the developement team no and I do not want to be either
that why did you ask your question here?

Contact EllisLabs and ask them!

And second point how many questions do you see here on the Core version?


This is the forum for checking if something is considered a bug, so as not to have many fault bug submissions, right?

Don't get offended, I asked if you were in dev team to see if this is dev answer or user answer. I don't know the dev team, only a few (although I should have, they contributed what I'm using).

I'll contact ellislab if I think it is needed, if a dev says it is a bug, or if more people point think this is a bug too.

As for why I asked here read the line above.

Also about your second point, didn't quite catch it, but my guess answer is: isn't this a "Help, is this a bug" forum. Is it only for reactor?

Edit: (so as not to double post)
As about your answer
Quote:No, The Reactor version is being updated all the time where as the Core version is not!
doesn't quite justify it's not a bug.
Wouldn't that mean we'll have more issues like this later on?
Wouldn't that mean in the end these frameworks would end up being incompatible?
How would reactor give back to core then?

I am not offened! I was just trying to point out to you that the Reactor and Core versions are not the same.

The Reactor has lots of bugs just read the forums, this is why I stick to the EllisLab Core version it's the one
used in Expression Engine.

So to answer your question. They may have changed the method in the Reactor, It will not go into the Core until
EllisLabs fully checks out the new code from the Reactor. That is why you are seeing a difference.


[eluser]Phil Sturgeon[/eluser]
InsiteFX: Thanks again for providing biased and inaccurate information. 2.0.2 was dodgy yes, that has been addressed but this was down to a bug in the Core version, NOT a fault of the Reactor team.

Now, as far as this comment goes:

Quote:it is proven fact that that Core is more stable then the Reactor

I call bullhockey on that!

Core is a slow moving version, because EE uses it and EllisLab don't need it to change all that much.

Reactor is not just where new features are developed, but it's where we fix stuff too. I have personally fixed at least 20 bugs that exist in Reactor but have yet to be merged with Core.

I think the names are a little confusing here. Just imagine Core = Enterprise, Reactor = Community. The community version of Zend Server is still the most used.

Hi Phil. Thanks for joining this topic.
I too agree 2.0.2 was a mess, but as stated elsewhere there was a demand for a merge from core that complicated things. And as also was stated things like this are not going to happen again.
A v2.0.3 would erase the cloud from developers about stability, but that is something that is planned by the reactor team.
My current site is based on core but all my clients are gonna get a reactor version from now on. I'm planning on giving up core because I want features from reactor that yet have to come in core. But enough about core vs reactor.

My point is as of the first post
Quote:Shouldn’t both frameworks return the same?
And if so where should it be submitted as bug. In core or reactor?

I find it hard to think that I'm gonna write a library or something to contribute back and in the end have to keep 2 versions because of basic incompatibilities.

[eluser]Eric Barnes[/eluser]
Judging by the docs - http://ellislab.com/codeigniter/user-gui...s/uri.html

It should return a slash at the beginning.

So I would personally classify this as a reactor bug and submit it to its tracker.

You are right Eric. I hadn't looked at the obvious!! According to the docs it is supposed to be a reactor error. I'm going to submit it there.

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