URL masking in CodeIgniter

I am working on a project to create a file transfer application (Upload and Download functions.) Upload works perfectly. Still trying to tinker with the download portion(just tighten up securty functions.)

My site is as follows(http://IP Address/FT) - this brings up the main page.
i have links for upload or download which show up as follows:
upload - http://IP Address/FT/index.php/upload/do_upload
download - http://IP Address/FT/index.php/upload/downloadPage
this and the downloads sub directories will direct a user to show the individual folder and all files.. will show up in the pathway for the address bar.

Is there a way to mask this so no matter what the address bar will only show http://IP address/FT/ (thus hiding anything and everything after this). my concern is if a user knows the entire path they can gain access to a folder they shouldn't have access to. I have tried using .htaccess but cant make any progress....so i could use any help given. thank you.

You can send the file name via $_POST instead via URI, then create some "canvas" controller that fetch the $_POST value and retrieve apropriate file to download.

found out how to complete this...the AllowOverride in httpd.conf was set to None. I set it to all which allowed .htaccess to start working as needed.

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