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How do you run cronjobs

I have a question on how you do when running cronjobs w/ CI.

Since CI routes everything through the URL scheme (segments) which are public I was wondering how YOU do to best protect your cron related calls. For best security I would like to run cron related calls away from the public_html directory, so they aren't even accessable from the public domain.

Any tips&tricks; would be appreciated.


Does making the visibility of the controller/method from Public to Protected/Private helps?
or use the rerouting feature.
$routes['cron/call'] = 'redirect/to/another/page';

How do I access a private/protected controller? Doesn't all controller calls need to go through the url-segments

you might look at this:


Thanks jmadsen. But I don't see how that's better, the user can still access the controller/method from the public domain by just browsing to it domain.com/controller/method.

Do you think there's a way to run private/protected controllers from a bootstrapper?

Right now I'm doing the same, and sending with a key (just a 32 characters hash) as a password to protect my controller from running if the key isn't valid. But it feels like a workaround somehow.


Assuming your php.ini has
register_argc_argv On

Just pass an argv through the cron. If none is passed, the cron won't run regardless of it being run from the domain. If so, just throw a redirect?

cron /controller/method hashphrase

if ( ! isset($argv[1]) OR $argv[1] <> 'hashphrase')

Yeah, that's what I'm doing now. Just wanted to see if there was a better practice out there Smile

Thanks for the input guys.

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