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Calendar Multiple Events Per Day (Available)

Because yesterday i've search the forum and i saw many people search for a way to have multiple events per day on the codeigniter calendar. Here is the code that i made in order my calendar to have multiple events per day.

The calendar is based on the nettus tutorial if anyone interested and can be found here: [email=http://net.tutsplus.com/tutorials/php/codeigniter-from-scratch-the-calendar-library/]Nettuts Codeignitter Calendar[/email]

Step 1) make sure the nettuts way of calendar work on you.

Step 2) copy the calendar.php from system/libraries to application/libraries

Step 3) make an adjustment in the calendar.php library in line 217 and put the code below (Thanks to member zoltano):

if (isset($data[$day]))
                        // Cells with content
                        $temp = ($is_current_month == TRUE AND $day == $cur_day) ? $this->temp['cal_cell_content_today'] : $this->temp['cal_cell_content'];
                                                if (is_array($data[$day]))
                                                    $several_events = '';
                                                    foreach ($data[$day] as $key)
                                                      $several_events .= $key.'<br />';
                                                     $out .= str_replace('{day}', $day, str_replace('{content}', $several_events, $temp));

                                                  // One event per day
                                                    $out .= str_replace('{day}', $day, str_replace('{content}', $data[$day], $temp));
                        // Cells with no content
                        $temp = ($is_current_month == TRUE AND $day == $cur_day) ? $this->temp['cal_cell_no_content_today'] : $this->temp['cal_cell_no_content'];
                        $out .= str_replace('{day}', $day, $temp);

Step 4) now on the calendar model you must make your output array. The code you must put on the get_calendar_data function of the model is shown below:

function get_calendar_data($year, $month) {
        $query = $this->db->query("SELECT DISTINCT DATE_FORMAT(date, '%Y-%m-%e') AS date
                                            FROM calendar
                                            WHERE date LIKE '$year-$month%' "); //date format eliminates zeros make
                                                                           //days look 05 to 5
                $cal_data = array();
                foreach ($query->result() as $row) { //for every date fetch data
                    $a = array();
                    $i = 0;
                    $query2 = $this->db->query("SELECT data
                                                FROM calendar
                                                WHERE date LIKE DATE_FORMAT('$row->date', '%Y-%m-%d') ");
                                                            //date format change back the date format
                                                            //that fetched earlier
                     foreach ($query2->result() as $r) {
                         $a[$i] = $r->data;     //make data array to put to specific date
                        $cal_data[substr($row->date,8,2)] = $a;

                return $cal_data;
You are done !! :-)
Result on photo here: Multiple Events Codeigniter Calendar
Good luck coding.

and the controller?

can you explain the last function?
why isn't it displaying the events after loading the calendar,
the event will only show when i click the prev or next on the calendar

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