setting custom session variables

hi let's back to the topic Smile

I get same problem.

when i set session userdata, it saved.

but when i start using this session userdata, all the data, except default, gone.

it looks like CI reset the session cookie.

though i tries my another server also with CI.

same code and it works there without no problem at all.

what could be reason for this scenario?

thanks in advanced for any reply.

FACT: CodeIgniter's Session Class is NOT RELIABLE.

CI's session class uses cookies. The cookies they write are standards-compliant, but don't work with IE. So, the problem is with CI's refusal to work around IE's non-standards-compliant handling of cookies. Meanwhile, the rest of us have to suffer because of CI's refusal to get off their high-horse and make something that works in the REAL WORLD.

Check out this thread for a working solution.

Also in the wiki.

Please contribute to Dariusz Debowczyk's Session Class. My hope is that enough of us can get together and make a session class that works.

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