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Hero Framework CMS

There's a brand new CMS in town for all of us CI coders - Hero Framework.

The company I work with, Electric Function, has just changed their long-running eCommerce CMS package, CaribouCMS, into an open-source CMS. The eCommerce portions have been removed, but all of the great content-management features are there, fully available for you to use and modify. This is the same engine that currently runs thousands of websites.

Looking for a new CMS - give the Hero Framework a try.

(Sorry if this came across sounding too much like an ad. There have been many hours put into this conversion and I'm thrilled to finally be able to announce it!)

Here's a little bit touching on the main features:

- Comprehensive member-based system, with custom fields
- Mass/individual emailing tools
- Hook emails into certain member-driven events
- Custom content-types with any type of fields you need
- Powered by CI 2.0.3 with Modular Separation
- uses Smarty for the layout engine.

Hope you guys will take a moment to check it out and consider it for your next project.


We are a predominantly Wordpress and Drupal-theming project execution shop. With some experience in CodeIgniter (using a pre-built (not by us) custom-CMS) since early 2012.

My developers really "took to" CodeIgniter, and I'd like for us to continue exploring CodeIgniter-based executions. We might be able to "progress to" Expression Engine eventually (which would require getting buy-in for Clients for the fact that it's a paid-for solution), but for now, we're looking to get experience with the Hero Framework.

Whilst we're going through all the Hero Framework related documentation, we are attempting to do what we'd normally do for a Wordpress project (custom theming, "post" and post category set-up, multi-language support, etc.)

I'd like to see what this Forum has to say on the following:

1. What are the ESSENTIALS that one must "consume" - in terms of reading and videos (aka information) - before starting to develop a custom theme using the Hero Framework? (As mentioned, we're familiar with doing this in Wordpress, so comparisons of how Hero Framework achieves this vs. Wordpress would be useful.)

2. How do we set-up our own "config variable" and how is this used in Smarty?

3. How do we support multi-language posts or website content using the Hero Framework? (I'm assuming there are multiple approaches...but what would people recommend in terms of EASY ADMINISTRATOR content-management?)

Thanks in advance y'all!

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