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Re-populate forms after clicking away with $_SESSION data

I have a chain of forms as part of one single process, separate views. Once you $_POST and leave the first view to go to the second view, if you want to let the user "go back" to the first view, there's no way to re-populate the data since the $_POST doesn't exist anymore.

Something like this...

Form1 -> Form2 -> Form3 -> ThankYouPage

$_SESSION seems like the best option to make this data available in a historical fashion, but my forms are built using the set_value() functions in CI, so I prefer to find a way to re-populate the forms based on data stored in $_SESSION if possible.

Everything's working with the re-population functions that use $_POST, but as soon as I move them along to the other part of the process, $_POST disappears (as I would expect). Doing this somehow with a session seems the only option I think...just not sure how, yet.

Thanks for replies. Been banging my head against the wall with this one :-)

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