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Backend Pro for codeigniter 2

I created a new version of backendpro for codeigniter 2.0 i did this by making it php 5 compliant changed the modular extensions library from matchbox to hmvc, created additional classes and created the sessions database table to comply with version 2.0 of codeigniter. The beauty of Backendpro is its use of the nested sets model making it similar to the most popular php ACL Library PHPGACL. I plan to add other features that is why i call it backendmanager you can get it from here

[eluser]Nico Smit[/eluser]
I'm getting this error on the main page:
An Error Was Encountered

Unable to load the requested file: helpers/auth/khacl_helper.php

With CI 2.1.0

@ Nico Smith Please read through the installation manual, remember that you need to start with a fresh ci installation

[eluser]Nico Smit[/eluser]
Okey.. did a fresh installation of CI and BackendPro. First, I had to rename application/core/Public_controller.php into Public_Controller.php and the same for Admin_controller.php.

Now, I'm getting:
Unable to load the requested file: helpers/auth/khacl_helper.php

I'm on linux

Copy all files from each folder to the corresponding CI folder i.e copy all files in application/core into CI's application/core files don't forget to copy the modules folder into the CI application folder. Create your database. Point your browser to the installer folder, i.e www.example.com/install. Run the installer and follow the instructions.

hello, please forgive my poor english.

I tested it in my local server with CI 2.1.0, it works perfect.
and I got problem when I test it in my test server,
I can only put it in a subdomain, eg: sub1.domain.com/ci/

first of all, I upload a clean CI, it works fine, and I copy all files
to corresponding folder and install it, then I couldn't get the right
page as I saw in my local server, is there any specifics setting I should do?

I changed the base_url to
$config['base_url'] = "http://sub1.domain.com/ci/";


Did you copy the already installed local CI TO UR SITE? If that's the case then
Make sure that the database is setup properly on your sites server, make sure the installation was done properly.

hello, thanks for reply so quick.

I'm sure I uploaded the clean CI to the sever, then BackendPro install was successful too. and I try use chrome, it give me an HTTP error 500, with blank page in firefox and opera. so I think maybe it's the server's problem when redirecting subdomain. cause it's work fine in my local server.

anyway, I am trying to use ion auth now, and learn to build the backend management by hand, I thought I can learn something from backend pro.

Thanks again.

It might be a problem on HMVC but i would work on it again. i would get back to you as soon as i solve this challenge


in application/modules/auth/helpers/khacl_helper.php change
if (!is_object($ci))
        $ci = &get;_instance();

if (!is_object($ci)){
    $ci = &get;_instance();

Worked for me Smile

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