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[eluser]Chris Newton[/eluser]
I miss the ease & simplicity of query strings, and I don't like using numbered segments to grab data out of the URI string. I wrote a simple helper to make getting & setting key=>value pairs in the URI using the URI library.


I don't see the benefit of this helper? There are not so many lines in the methods and you are using the CI uri functions. For instance the get_uri method is not more code than
$get = $this->uri->uri_to_assoc(3);
   // do something with the value

I also think you can join the set_uri and set_uri_array like other functions of CI
function set_uri($data,$value=null)
   $array = array();
       foreach ($data as $key => $val ){
   elseif(is_string($data) && $value !== null)
     return false;
   return $this->uri->assoc_to_uri($array);

edit : if you have helpers like this you could create an extended CI class in the application/libraries directory so you don't have to autoload it.

[eluser]Chris Newton[/eluser]
As I mentioned in the wiki... it doesn't cut down on too much, but some. It's not unlike some other CI helpers, for instance br(n); which I use all the time from the HTML helper. If it cuts down on a few keystrokes that's what it's designed to do.

Don't like it? Don't use it.

good works.

[eluser]Chris Newton[/eluser]
Oh, and before I forget, I just wanted to thank xwero for the input. The method you describe for set_uri is a good one, and probably better for many people. For my own sake however, I like using 2 different functions for arrays & for single pairs. It may be silly, but it just helps me mentally keep track of what I'm setting.

Nothing is silly we all have are own way of coding.

I'm actually beginning to like the get_uri method, i even think about adding it to my MY_URI library.

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