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Sending mail - Get a Complete Control

[eluser]KLODEnet di Stefano Surricchio[/eluser]
I'm developing a web application, but I would need to carry out checks before sending an e-mail. For example, I can withdraw at the end of transmission errors, and previously I would like to know the status of the e-mail (if it exists, if there is in a blacklist, etc..)

The problem is that if I were to send 100 e-mail, and of these 50 give an error, the customer would receive 50 e-mail with the specified error (eg e-mail indirzzo nonexistent). I would avoid it.

Maybe it would be possible to send a test before the real send?

Thank you for your invaluable help.

Well, only thing I can think of is to use some class which will:

1) find out MX record for each e-mail address;
2) establish connection to the mail server from MX record;
3) send couple of commands, starting an e-mail.

In case e-mail address is not recognized by the mail server, you will know that that e-mail will bounce.

You can also use this class:

download from: http://code.google.com/p/blogchuck/sourc...emails.php

as it says in Wiki, second param to the class (TRUE) will also do the SMTP validation as explained above.

Do note, that this will rather slow down your e-mail batch, so if needed set up higher PHP execution time.


[eluser]KLODEnet di Stefano Surricchio[/eluser]
Thanks Smilie for your help. So I'll have a look to this class. Thanks again.

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