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Encrypt application code for client deployment


I've built an application using CI which I plan to sell to clients, who can in turn host it on their own servers.

What is the best method to encrypt the source code so clients can't see/change anything?

Free PHP Encryption Software

[quote author="InsiteFX" date="1329759771"]Free PHP Encryption Software[/quote]

Unfortunately the free obfuscator cited in this article has been discontinued in 2003. Another similar free tool with the same name suggested by its author stopped in 2007. It seems that only commercial obfuscators are trustable and supported nowadays, many suggest SourceGuardian.

However, before hiding the PHP code, be sure about what the client wants: usually PHP code is requested by web managers or designers or developers who outsource part of their work but want also to manage directly the source code on their own and if they will receive obfuscated or compiled code they will argument with you for having their money back...


you could try the the community edition of Zend's Php Encoder. seems to work good.

[quote author="Rolly1971" date="1329781965"]you could try the the community edition of Zend's Php Encoder. seems to work good.[/quote]

Thank you Rolly1971 and others. I will look into your suggestions. Zend's php encoder seems to come up a lot while searching for a solution. Maybe I'll give that a shot.

Thanks again.

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