Suggestions on ORM, implementation

I'm relatively new to using CI, and MVC-type stuff in general. Played around with Rails a while ago. I'm used to writing my own code, but want it to look better Smile

I'm looking for some suggestions for a couple things I want to do.

I need to be able to relate objects to other objects. The project I'm prototyping right now is sort of an asset management database, but with some other features. For instance, one type of object might be a server, and it has 1 or more power supplies, and each PS plugs in to a particular managed outlet on a PDU.

Right now I've got objects for servers and PDU outlets (related to the PDUs themselves), but I need a decent way to relate the power supplies on the server to the PDU outlets - and make them easily selectable in the views, preferably only displaying outlets that aren't already in use.

I plan to do something similar for NIC to switch (or NIC to NIC) mapping, and IP address space.

Are there any recommendations on what I should be looking at beyond doing it manually? I've looked at some ORMs, but it seems there are many and some look like they may be abandoned at some level.

You should have been at CICONF this weekend, I gave a session on ORM's. Wink

I can advise you to look at either Datamapper of GAS.

Datamapper is around for years, very stable, full featured, but in need of a code facelift. GAS is pretty new, looks very promising, but is still lacking in documentation and features (and no feature roadmap as of yet).

The others are either dead, difficult to integrate, and big, complex and/or very slow.

I would suggest you check out both, and see which one suits your project needs best.

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