Apache 500 error

I've been working on my local server developing a webpage using the current CI framework. When I moved it to a remote host I got a 500 error when trying to access the index.php page.

I change the root address in the config file to my current web address, it has a trailing slash too.
My system folder is currently one directery below the index. I compensated that with change the $system_folder to my absolute path, with no trailing slash.

Am I missing anything?

I also tryed moving the index into the same folder as the system folder and changing the system path back. It worked when I did that. How can I make it so the system folder can be a single directory below?

It seems more like something wrong with a .htaccess file, even thought Im currently not using one. Has anyone ran into this problem?

After messing around abit and moving some files around I found that for some reason CI doesnt like accessing files on a parked domain, or atleast it doesnt like to pull one directory down.

The best solution is to put the system folder all the way down to the root and then just access it from a root level. Dont really know why I just didnt do that before, but I got it working.

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