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How to enable PHP native sessions in codeigniter?

I'm trying to integrate Facebook's API in a CodeIgniter project, however it seems to be not working because sessions are disabled somehow in CodeIgniter. (Trying to integrate outside CodeIgniter works, but inside a codeigniter project it doesn't work).

Is there any way to do this? All I want is for native sessions to not be cleared or destroyed by CodeIgniter. If the only way is to hack the core to remove a line or two, then I'm willing to do it. I think there's someplace where its doing $_SESSION = null or something like that. Where's this place, so I can remove that line?

Couldn't you just install a explorer plugin onto your text editor and search the entire directory for $_SESSION and then you'll be able to see where every instance of it occurs.

Are you sure it's sessions that's causing the bug, I'm running a3m (marshmallow) and able to connect connections to facebook, twitter, gmail, openid, and yahoo with no problems.

You got it, it seems that the facebook class uses $_REQUEST, replacing it with $_GET makes it work. So looks like sessions wasn't the issue, $_REQUEST was.

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