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Active Record - Join a table twice

Basically I'm trying to get my customers contact information and salesmens contact information returned.

I have a customers table that references my contacts table twice. First for the customers contact information (customers.contact_id) and secondly for the salespersons contact information (customers.customer_salesman).

$this->db->join('contacts', 'contacts.contact_id = customers.contact_id');
$this->db->join('contacts AS salesmen', 'salesmen.contact_id = customers.customer_salesman');

The problem is, my results only show the data from the contacts table for my last join. It won't return the information from when I joined on customers.contact_id. Is there any way to get it to return the results for customers.contact_id and customers.customer_salesman?

[eluser]Stefan Hueg[/eluser]
As every contacts-table has the same column names (and they overwrite each other), you have to specify aliases, like this:

$this->db->select('customers.*, contacts.contact_id as c_contact_id, salesmen.contact_id as s_contact_id, ....);

And do this with every field.

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