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[2.1.1] Active Record quotes marks issues

I've had the same issue - existing applications have all crashed with the 2.1.1 update using this query syntax in MySQL:

$this->db->where('myfield >', $val);
$query = $this->db->get('mytable');

I think similar problem for me... This piece of code returns me a syntax error after upgrade to 2.1.1

$this->db->join('news_lang', 'news_lang.id_data=news.id AND news_lang.lang = "en"');

Someone has a solution? or should we wait a new update for fix?


[quote author="InsiteFX" date="1339615976"]
->where("table1.t1_id = table2.t1_id")
// should be
->where("table1.t1_id =", "table2.t1_id")

You can do it the first way.

Quote:Custom string:
You can write your own clauses manually:

$where = "name='Joe' AND status='boss' OR status='active'";


Well... I don't want to spend hours changing my code in all my systems because of a bug. I will stay on 2.1.0 for now.

They just release a fix for this bug.


Just re-download 2.1.1.

I updated Community Auth last night, and everything seems fine. I didn't do a full test of all parts of the application, but ran the installer and played around with a few pages.

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