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Starting a large survey application

Hello all,

Going to make this short and sweet.

I've been developing a large Web Application over the past month. I have all the features complete aside from the main core of the application.

I need to create a large survey (300+ questions), anyone have a good Code Igniter plugin for this or some sort of Form Generator to assist with my goal?

It needs to be capable of:
- Forked Questions (I.E: when you click yes, more questions pop up. Then if you answer those even more forked questions can appear. (3 tiers of forked questions at the most).
- Instantly store answers into database upon answering. (due to the length of the survey, I think this is completely necessary incase someone wants to quit and come back later).

It's been suggested to me to use "Backbone.js", however I'm very new to Javascript and it'll take me awhile to learn Backbone from scratch, if I have to I will. But this post is me hoping I can find an alternative Smile.

Don't worry about people not doing the survey because of its length, people WILL be filling this puppy out.

Another large aspect to this is that EVERY question will have the ability to pull reports from. Meaning if the question is a simple "yes or no", there will be a graph that reports on the data. (68% said yes, 32% said no).

I found a nice graphing tool called "High Charts" for this.



I think you find that you will need jQuery to help you out with this.

If that's the majority of your app, you may want to look at using Angular.js


I've only started playing with it, but its data binding seems very simple straight out of the box, whereas I think backbone.js is a bit more bare bones and would require you to set up a lot more on your own.

I think you could work through this tut and set up your app in about a day.

Hey jmadsen,

This is looking great! Thanks for the find.
I built this in like 15 minutes with a tutorial: http://roywebdesign.net/angular/

Will be diving into it more in the morning, will be curious to see how storing the data works since that'll be key in my application.

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