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Next and Previous Pagination

i have a page where a list of items will be displayed. when i will click on any single item there will be details of that single item. now i am trying to use next and previous of pagination to go to the next item details or previous item details. but it is not working....how to do it?

my code is below.
        $config['base_url'] = base_url() . 'url/url';
        $config['total_rows'] = $this->myMODEL->function();
        $config['display_pages'] = FALSE;
        $config['first_link'] = FALSE;
        $config['last_link'] = FALSE;
        $config['next_link'] = 'Next';
        $config['next_tag_open'] = '<div>';
        $config['next_tag_close'] = '</div>';
        $config['prev_link'] = 'Previous';
        $config['prev_tag_open'] = '<div>';
        $config['prev_tag_close'] = '</div>';
        $config['uri_segment'] = 5;
        $config['num_links'] = 5;
        $config['per_page'] = 1;

[eluser]Sanjay Sarvaiya[/eluser]
First of all you have to load pagination library for pagination
after that initialize you settings and define per page items as
$config['per_page'] = 20;

during pagination have you got any error?

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