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ask about onchange and onclick php

i have a problem with onchange and onclick
i wan enter a value in textbox and call the function
like this :

<input onchange="here()" type="text"name="qty">

function here()
echo "hello";

but, when i entered the value, here() function didn't call
please help me, and sorry my bad english Big Grin

[eluser]Nisha S.[/eluser]
PHP is a server side scripting language and cannot be called directly from client side. You can write a javascript with the function name and inside you can call php function by calling the relevant URL.

function here()
// call the url to executes the funcion. Given pattern below for codeigniter. Use ajax if you don't want to redirect to another page.
[removed] = "http://www.yourwebsite.com/controller/function";

this my url


when i redirect using window . location
window . location = "how"


but, i wan


thx for replies


thx for replies Nisha S Big Grin

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