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Form with a foreach() and <select option>

Hello everyone Smile

I am trying to create a PHP form. I did a query on a database (in my Model), and I display the results in the view with a foreach.
Then, my user can choose which objects he wants to disable and which objects he wants to exclude from the list.

My problem is I don't get How to create a table disable[] and exclude[] containing every line where "disable" is chosen and "exclude" is chosen.

I'm lost :down:

Here is my code (or what I'm trying...)
echo form_open('adm/disableObsolete',$attributs);
foreach($Users as $index=>$item)
                            echo "  <tr>            
                                        <td><select name='DN[]' value='".$item[0]."'>
                                                <option value='donothing'> </option>
                                                <option value='disable'>Disable</option>
                                                <option value='exclude'>Exclude</option>
                                        <td>".date_format($item[5], "Y/m/d h:m:s")."</td>
                                        <td>".date_format($item[9], "Y/m/d h:m:s")."</td>
        &lt;input type="submit" value="Disable and Exclude selected objects" name="submit" /&gt;&lt;/div>

After this, I am trying in my Controller to display each $item[0] value from disable[] and each $item[0] value from exclude[].
Then I will do a request on each objects to disable and another request on each objects to exclude, in the same fonction. (foreach exclude do this) (foreach disable do this)
$disable = (($_POST['DN'][] = 'disable'));              
Something like this ?

If you have any ideas which could help me it would be great! I'm desperate and I found only simple form on the web... No tips on form like mine :o
Thanks! :-)

Edit: It seems I cannot do what I want with the "select option" component... Then, I could do this:
On the left, checkbox and one button (input) "Disable selected objects". And on the right, another pool of checkbox and its button "Exclude selected objects".
I don't want to use radiobutton because if the user clicks on the button it can't uncheck it anymore >_<
So, I should try 1 form with 2 pool of checkboxes ? ^^

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