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Google Apps based application

I am thinking of developing a Google Apps based application. I have been working a lot with CI 1.x versions and then paused a little. As of today CI 2.x is the most recent version and all CI-libraries/wrappers (for non-CI libraries) so far did not deliver the "simplicism" I am looking for.

Has anyone already used CI to create a Google Apps (Marketplace) targeted application? Probably with some demo/extracted code? Especially the Open ID/single Sign on is making me some headaches.

I've not created a marketplace app but myself and another developer implemented OAuth 2 for single sign on. You can use this library here

You can also use the package manager called Sparks, which there are a view Google packages that might help too (I've not used it personally yet).

I'm in a similar boat Nogga, not a Google Marketplace app but a regular webapp trying to use SSO via Google Apps. I actually just posted a question like this on Stack Overflow: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/12808...ess-tokens

Basically I'm not sure of the next step after getting back a token from Google:
1) How should I setup my database to store the access_tokens or other user data
2) How do I reuse access_tokens so the user doesn't have to continually go through the OAuth approval with Google
3) Lots of other stuff I'm sure

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