Using CI's user guide style for your projects

[eluser]Derek Jones[/eluser]
A few have already used the markup and CSS from the CI userguide for documenting their own classes, helpers, etc., but we at EllisLab thought we'd come out and officially state that we are not only okay with it, but that we encourage it to engender a familiar look and feel to the community's documentation of CodeIgniter additions. Check out the latest SVN doc_style/index.html for details and templates to use.

[eluser]Majd Taby[/eluser]
This is perfect, thanks a lot Derek et al.

I have gone with my own style for a function reference (temporary available at at this link ) but this will be perfect for more general walk-throughs Smile

[eluser]Majd Taby[/eluser]
What kind of editor do you guys use to manage and update your documentation?

[eluser]Derek Jones[/eluser]
I use TextMate personally, it is all managed directly in the SVN.

[eluser]Majd Taby[/eluser]
don't you find it a hassle to deal with the html directly?

[eluser]Derek Jones[/eluser]
Not at all; I find it a hassle to deal with fixing a WYSIWYG editor's markup. TextMate has a live preview as well which still lets me view the rendered page in realtime.

[eluser]Majd Taby[/eluser]
hm, i might have to give that a try, thanks Smile

What if my documentation is to contain multiple pages. Why did you remove the contents dropdown from the template?

And should the "CodeIgniter · Copyright © 2007 · Ellislab, Inc." notice be replaced with my own copyright information or should i keep the standard one?

[eluser]Derek Jones[/eluser]
Most helpers, libraries, and such that people will distribute would require only one page of documentation, so including the pull-out table of contents seemed like overkill. You're welcome to use it for larger projects if you feel you need it. Where the line would be drawn, so to speak, is if you are documenting an application instead of components for CodeIgniter, in which case the use of the User Guide's styling could be confusing and misleading. That's why they copyright is there, as it's intended that this template will be used to document a component that someone will use in CodeIgniter. You're free to add your own copyright and product / company name in the footer above CodeIgniter, but please leave EllisLab's copyright in the footer.

Basically I was just considering to use the Code Igniter for Installation, Change Log pages, etc.

Anyway, if the standard template isn't meant to be used for multiple pages of documentation, you might consider removing the next/previous class links and search box.

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