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Which is better?

What are the pros and cons of each?

Thanks in advanced.

Fuel is a php framework.

Pyro is a CMS built on top of CI.

So your question is moot. You are not comparing apples with apples.



I think you are wrong,
check this out,


FUELCMS is, wait for it, a CMS. Go figure.

I tried to work with Fuel but havent tried Pyro

My initial thoughts were Fuel is great and full featured but really adds a lot of complexity on top of a current CI install or app for someone like myself that is still new to CI - it also includes a templating engine, or so I thought, which I did want, since I already coded my own templates

Would love to hear other views and thoughts comparing 2.

[eluser]Phil Sturgeon[/eluser]
Easy to clear this one up:

FuelPHP is a Framework.

FuelCMS is a CMS.

PyroCMS is another CMS.

FuelPHP and PyroCMS happen to be built by some of the same people (myself included).

FuelCMS aims to be a good starting point for your applications but is rarely something you could outright give to your end clients without a lot of phone calls.

PyroCMS can be a base for your applications, but is also very user friendly and is able to look after an entire site. It also has a larger community, meaning more addons are available.

Try them both and see which works for you!


Why you guys need to build another framework (FuelPHP)?
What's lacking with CodeIgniter?


[eluser]Phil Sturgeon[/eluser]
[quote author="solid9" date="1346380211"]@phil

Why you guys need to build another framework (FuelPHP)?
What's lacking with CodeIgniter?


Why does Zend exist? Or Symfony, or Yii, or Laravel, or CakePHP? Why does Ruby or Python exist?

Why doesn't everyone use CodeIgniter and PHP for everything?!


Different tools are good for different things, and CodeIgniter is not good at everything. CI is not built specifically for PHP 5.3 and so does not have namespaces. It also lacks proper HMVC out of the box and the addon available is a rough hack. That doesnt make CI bad, it just means I am grateful to have another option where those things are available.


I'm very glad you replied.
Do you have plans to put additional features that other framework has?
Because learning another framework is tiring and consume time.
When are you going to put HMVC officially for CodeIgniter.
And also support the latest PHP version for CodeIgniter

Thanks again phil.


[eluser]Phil Sturgeon[/eluser]
Whilst building FuelPHP 1.0 (I did not have much input after that) I was constantly porting features backwards and forwards between the two as they both shared a lot of code. The Migrations system in CI? You can thank FuelPHP for that.

As for recoding CodeIgniter to use PHP 5.3 architecture from the ground up? That's not my job. The scope of the changes I make to CI (or that I review on GitHub) are to stay small and backwards compatible. That is my role here.


Can't we just make CodeIgniter "The best of The best" framework out there?
So no one needs to switch to another framework.
I'm sure all programmers want this feature phil.

Is there anything we can do to improve CodeIgniter features and functionality?
Is there anything we can do to contribute to help codeIgniter, And make it The best framework out there?

Can we just make CodeIgniter the Multi Purpose Army Knife?

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