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[eluser]Sanjay Sarvaiya[/eluser]
I am on tough situation. Please help me.

I have a table with number field which contain varchar data type. we are inserting record in a format like ( <b>number/str/str/number</b> ) in this first number is increase one by one and last integer contain current year.
I want to search record From number to End number.
is it possible or not ? if yes , please guide me.

any help is appreciate.

I dont know if i understand very good but if what you want to do is select thats records beetween some number you can make this:

Select * from table_name where number between xxx and xxx


You should normalize your database so that the records are stored individually, and not in some silly format like that. Then you wouldn't be having this problem.

As Aken sad: You should change your table.

But anyways, it is possible.
For searching a string that starts with 'BEGIN' do
SELECT * FROM `table` WHERE `column` LIKE 'BEGIN%'

For searching a string that end with 'END' do
SELECT * FROM `table` WHERE `column` LIKE '%END'

It's basic MySQL-Syntax Wink

[eluser]Sanjay Sarvaiya[/eluser]
Thanks for your reply.

@Aken I know that this is silly format. Thanks for your suggestion but its not possible to change db structure B'Coz of some reason.

@PhilTem your solution is right but its lengthy if some one enter for search From "001/str/str/12" To "10030/str/str/12" how can I search in light weight query.

Thanks again for trying to helping me.

No query will be "light weight" for this. You'll either need an ugly SQL query, or a proper DB structure.

[eluser]Sanjay Sarvaiya[/eluser]
@aken any solution for that BCoz my client was developed many section and its not possible to change it.
If not light weight no-problem I want to output. PLZ.

[eluser]Sanjay Sarvaiya[/eluser]
I have found solution after a day of hard work and using google I got what I want.

I have search from number <b>001/SPJ/BT/09</b> to number <b>099/SPJ/BT/12</b>, In this case search query will be like this
SELECT * FROM tablename WHERE (po_number LIKE '%/SPJ/BT/09' AND SUBSTRING_INDEX( SUBSTRING_INDEX( po_number, '/' , -4 ) , '/', 1 ) >= 001 ) OR (po_number LIKE '%/SPJ/BT/12' AND SUBSTRING_INDEX( SUBSTRING_INDEX( po_number, '/' , -4 ) , '/', 1 ) <= 099) OR po_number LIKE '%/SPJ/BT/10' OR po_number LIKE '%/SPJ/BT/11'

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