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Yet Another Session Issue

Hi Stoney,

As you told, I was looking for a solution much cleaner than hack library session in system directory.

I will try yours.

Thanks !


Yes, I'm aware of the ajax call issue, but that is not the case for this issue. I've actually removed the sees_update command altogether, and I've double checked for any ajax calls and there are none.

i'm experiencing the same random vanishing session which results in the cart contents suddenly disappearing - somewhat annoying for people ordering online. The latest disappearance was just over an hour ago even though I had just a few hours beforehand made the change you suggested to the session library. Looking at the session table in the database, the thought occurred to me that in sess_read(), if might be better to look for a matching session_id or a matching ip_address (within a time frame). I'm not worried about security as regards the trolley, I just want to avoid losing business (don't we all!). I know the system files are sacred and holy and not to be touched but that's less important than keeping my customers happy

@breene - it really helps to switch over to database session support rather than cookies, because it let's you see what is happening more clearly. In my case, there were 2 session id's being generated for the user, and then when logging in, only one of the session records were changed to logged in status and the other was logged out status. Then, randomly the page would pick the wrong session id as current and then show the page in logged out mode. Clicking on another page would load the logged in session id and it would be okay. My solution was to keep all session record user data per IP address synchronized.

ok, i'll do that NOW. an odd thing i noticed from monitoring the dropped carts over the last 2wks is that it they were _all_ with mozilla/4.0 agents. I'm sure it's a fluke coincidence but interesting nevertheless. mozilla/5.0 and the others havent had the problem. however, there are lies, damned lies and statistics so...

@bgreen - if you wanted to be even more accurate you could synchronize records based on IP Address AND UserAgent, I was too lazy to do that for my scenario.

Just discovered using the ip_address is worthless when the site is being accessed by more than one person in an office. They all have the same external ip so using ip as identifier would mean they will all have the same cart contents (first row out of the sessions table). Oh well, back to the drawing board

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