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Routes - why is trailing slash at the end ignored

I want to make rules for my cms pages and for articles pages. Cms pages should ends with

I tried
$route['([a-zAZ0-9_-]+)/$'] = "cms/show/$1";
$route['([a-zAZ0-9_-]+)$'] = "articles/show/$1";

but this is not working as expected. Everytime I get articles. I don't understand why $route['([a-zAZ0-9_-]+)/$'] is ignored if I to to http://www.domain.com/index.php/cms-page-title/.

I know that alternative is to change .htaccess, but I want to understand why this is not working. Does anybody have any idea?


You should consider having atleast the class shown before the article name. For example:


That way, you can specify in the routes file with precision.

$route['cms/(:any)'] = 'cms/show/$1';

I recommend it this way, since you will not always try to access the cms controller. Don't forget about all other controllers, such as, profile, users, admin, etc.

For all other controllers is domain.com/controller/method/parm or domain.com/controller/IndexParm, so there won't be any conflict. I want to keep for cms page domain.com/cms-page-title/ for SEO and linking purposes. So back to the question, why $route['([a-zAZ0-9_-]+)/$'] = "cms/show/$1"; is ignored?

Thing is, you are using a regular expression on your first segment, highly not recommended.

You should read up on routing within the user guide
User Guide: Routing

Especially the last sentence.

Second, you can also try _remap(). I wrote about it here:

Remapping function calls in Codeigniter

Hope that helps.

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